from the journal:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 — 11:06PM:

I turned 18 today. Autumn rolled in officially with its crisper air and nights that call for cuffed-sleeve sweatshirts. I celebrated by going to work, like I usually do on Tuesday mornings. I'm legally allowed to press a start button on a machine (which I'm psyched about). Came home, played the piano for a good hour or two and wrote a few papers for classes. A friend came to my door with a handful of sunflowers (I've never gotten flowers before) and a hearty hug. I went to a tatoo shop to get my ears pierced and have the ugliest thing in my ear now. Barbecue from the local shop (the best) for dinner and double chocolatey chip bunt cake with homemade ghiradelli dark chocolate frosting glazed over the original frosting as dessert. I blew out my candles and didn't make a wish. I never really know what to wish for anyways. I had a small party with loved ones and got everything I wanted: a new Bible, fresh flowers, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's. I am a fan of simple birthdays and a fan of being 18. My heart is full.

23, hannahHannah