The Brothers.

These boys have my heart, and they're my brothers. They're the most kind, driven, loving, and serving boys I know. These two are the ones who will sweetly say, "Goodmorning, Hannah", and who will cheerfully carry my bags to the car with a smile. They're the ones who have no hesitation when opening a door for me in public and who will drop everything they're doing and go out and let me take photos of them because light is pretty at that very moment. They're the ones with the contagious laughs and the most loving of hearts. They're the ones who will stand up for what they believe and ask questions. They're the ones who don't shy away from dirt and challenge, and who will work with their hands to win.

I'm so glad that I'm able to be a sister to these real, real special boys. It's gonna be hard to fend off all the girls who will be at their door.