It was a swell year.

hannah forsberg photography It was a swell year, Sophomore year. Though there were rougher days than others, it's certain that I hate to see it end already. As the time seemed to drag on and the clock never wanted to reach 3:30, it was at the same time, much quicker than the previous year before.

There's much I could share about my Sophomore year. I could tell you how I twirled around and danced under hundreds of sparkling lights with a guy who didn't really know how to dance (yet we made it work) or how I cried on a bench in my friend's arms under a full moon outside of a Christmas party. I could tell you all the goals I had and how I grew spiritually, too. How I learned more and more what being a friend meant. How with more heartfelt conversations I had, the more glad I was that I moved back to Georgia.

I have folders within folders all dated by the month which contain thousands of images..all reminding me of fond moments of the past..all vivid, all genuine, all real. But. Instead of filling up this space with that, I think fewer words may be best. Summer's appearance this year came in with a wave of relief. Slowing down over the next three months is something I look forward to every single year.

This is the time where I'm able to love reading again, pick up my camera more, and journal as each day passes. I get to do some deep soul searching and grow in my relationships with my family and God. I'm able to dangle my toes above the water as I cast my line again and again. I get to take in more of each day without the distraction of project deadlines and upcoming exams. It's a real nice feeling, summer is.